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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Step Up 3D

Today has been simply incredible. One of those days that just make me feel like gettin' outta my chair and dancing out there in public. 

I've seen Step Up 3D. I had been waiting for it for almost 2 years now and those who know me know I'm a huge dance movies fan. It's been amazing, it's one of those experiences that brings back your hope if you lost it on the way, it makes you smile and entertains you more than any other type of movies. 

It's been a step back in time for me, to the golden days of high school when I used to wear baggy pants, sleezy tops and cool sneakers at school, when I used to dance all day long with my boyfriend and I thought that that was as I high as I could go.

But then again, those days are over, and I miss the school atmosphere, and the job I have right now doesn't even get close to those light feelings I had back then, I miss my outfits because now my wardrobe is full of classy, elegant, business-woman stuff. And I miss those moments with my boyfriend when all we did was dance and not care about anything around us, when his street dance moves blended perfectly with my graceful ballroom dancing moves.

I miss dancing most of all and the freedom it brought me, the feeling of having no pressure on my shoulders, no worries on my mind and no time to think about my future 'cause I felt I had everything I needed at that moment.

Do watch the movie, it's mind-releasing and relaxing and at the same time adventurous and enthusiastic. The 3D effects are stunning, you'll love them. And it's a must to watch it with your friends, that way the whole message of the movie will get through to you. And you know what? It's just fun to be there with your friends! (:

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