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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Personalizing our life: We believe in belief.

People need to believe. They need to believe in anything that’s strong enough to arouse this feeling in their minds and hearts. They need to believe in something higher than any ordinary thing. And whether that thing is God, luck, a person, a dream, an object, it makes no difference. People believe.

Sometimes, their belief is stupid. Of course, from their point of view, it cannot possibly be categorized as stupid since it helps them cope with everyday problems. No, it is stupid from the point of view of those who believe in nothing, of those who hardly believe in themselves, who barely crawl their way through life. Although most individuals have such a motivation factor in their life, there are people, you see, who believe in nothing, who have absolutely no faith in anything, material or abstract.

Still, if we say that they believe in nothing, it’s still something above them that they trust and follow. Being motivated by nothing is...just as logical as believing in something positive. Why? Because those who are motivated by nothing have a typical attitude of carelessness, of laziness, of hopelessness. You can’t deny it; it’s a lifestyle. It’s stupid and it’s “nothing” because we, those who believe in something positive, such as God or ourselves, find absolutely no sense, no logic, no faith in something that’s below us. And for that reason, we are indeed superior. We create the illusion of happiness if there’s none, we set goals for ourselves if there are none, we find rewards for ourselves if there are none. We make ourselves better by just believing in something. And this simple and sincere attitude of trusting, of hoping, of working hard for achievements is exactly what we believe in. We create our belief by creating ourselves. We believe in belief.

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