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Saturday, March 13, 2010

C vs C

You all know the funny Citroen commercials with the car that can dance. 

Although at their release dates, they managed to get everyone's attention, Chevrolet came up with a commercial that demolished Citroen's brilliant promotional campaign. This is an example of how fast the business world changes and how any unbelievably good thing discovered can soon be surpassed by a simple and clear idea. 

You are right! It is an anti-commercial! It is mean! It does nothing but mock Citroen's idea! But look at how well it does all that. Not only does it make us laugh in a most sincere way, but it also makes us realize that brilliant things (Citroen's dancing car) can sometimes be pushed aside by practical things ("Get real" - Chevrolet Aveo's slogan). Surely, we all like watching an unusual car, but when it comes to actually buying one, we must make sure it's practical and real enough. 

Someone noticed that unlike other car commercials, this one does not contain any price for the car. Chevrolet does not want to reveal it, and not because it's too expensive, but because it hopes to entice watchers so that they can themselves research the car's price. 

It's funny how simplicity can take over brilliance, right?

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