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Sunday, June 20, 2010

You got to lose to know how to win

Anything I say right now is meaningless. All my words fade dramatically compared to Steven Tyler's amazing performance at Zone Arena. The show was breathtaking and what I loved most about it was the way people screamed out the lyrics of Aerosmith's most famous songs. It really felt like singing along with Steven, like being there on the stage with him, being part of his show.

I loved his outfit and I have no idea why, I loved his voice though I've never been a rock fan, I loved the way he held his scarf-strangled microphone, the way he played the harmonica, the way he said "Joe fuckin' Perry", the way he moved around the stage as if he were the most free man on this planet, the way he lived his music to the very last note. And the songs...oh, the songs! It was unbelievably sweet to hear him performing live the songs I had listened to over and over for so many years. It reminded me of childhood, of scattered lyrics in my mind, of all the good memories I have made while listening to these melodies. 

And here I stop rambling and let you listen to the real thing. Because it was indeed the real thing.

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